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09/27/2023Ummm... the industry might change
09/14/2023Just a heads up if you're trying to fund
09/08/2023The psychology of an MCA?
09/01/2023deBanked CONNECT is in less than 3 weeks
08/24/2023You saw them on the forum, now build trust in person
08/22/2023Did you hear about that one broker?
08/18/2023Tons of demand for funding
08/11/2023Did you hear about that one broker?
08/03/2023The DF community is meeting up in person again
07/27/2023DF: Well that came from out of nowhere - did you hear?
07/17/2023Oh you want deals? Better disclose who you are then
06/29/2023DF News: AI Mastery for Brokers, industry confidence positive, and more
06/15/2023DailyFunder Updates: an MCA CRM, interest rates, a court decision
06/14/2023Florida to Sign DailyFunder Rule into Law
06/12/2023New user designation on the DF
05/11/2023"You should be proud to be a broker"
05/02/2023DF News: This bank said what? See you at Broker Fair, and more
04/25/2023Hey, courtesy reminder from the DailyFunder
04/24/2023DF News: WBL resumes funding, CAN, leads & broker relationships
04/20/2023Federal Reserve publishes MCA approval rate
04/14/2023DailyFunder on pace for a record
04/13/2023Leads, Industry News, and More
04/04/2023Judge says not so fast, Kapitus raises big, and more
03/31/2023Ummm.. there's kind of a lot going on right now in the industry
03/23/2023We did the math on commissions. If you connect with X number of partners then...
03/15/2023DF News: We're closed! Wait, no we're not...
03/09/2023Daily Funder's Forum: right deal. wrong funder.
03/07/2023Daily Funder's Forum - Being aggressive, training your reps and more
03/06/2023Daily Funder's Forum News: Are you ready for prime merchants?
03/03/2023Good ol' split processing
02/24/2023DF Forum News, Nice
02/14/2023Daily Funder's Forum News - Funding demand is high
02/08/2023Daily Funder's Forum News
02/01/2023Updates from Daily Funder's Forum
11/21/2022SBFA Brokers Wanted
10/06/2022Daily Funder News: Nuula is out, Kabbage goes chapter 11, and more
08/29/2022DF News: Adjuster took MCAs on commissions, CoreFund situation and more
08/18/2022DF News: Lendflow/Ocrolus, WebBank/Amex, Velocity
07/27/2022DF News: DF's 10 year anniversary, 1071, and more
07/18/2022DF News: Loan growth, rate predictions, fintechs
06/21/2022DF News: The Cali legal landscape, APIs, and a UK deal for FC
06/16/2022DF News: Cali diclosures, fed raises rates, and more
06/07/2022DF News: Square tries Apple, Lending Club survey says...
06/06/2022DF News: More govt funding for SMBs, deals, and more
06/02/2022DF Update: GetBackd is Backd, industry news, and more
05/10/2022DF News: Deal bin, industry updates
04/13/2022DailyFunder News: Back to biz, inflation, Maryland
04/04/2022DailyFunder News: big capital raise, a building and more
03/17/2021The latest on DailyFunder