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  • ClearFund's Avatar
    Today, 07:06 PM
    Yes, ClearFund is very lenient when it comes to background especially if whatever it is you mentioned happened 10+ years ago. Send us the file to and we’ll potentially give you an offer. Thanks.
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  • Nunya's Avatar
    Today, 01:35 PM
    A soft pull shall hereafter be referred to as a "Rudy".
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  • rhum2016's Avatar
    Today, 01:22 PM
    rhum2016 replied to a thread Irm capital in Merchant Cash Advance
    put that review on their profile here , im sure theyll appreciate it
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  • rhum2016's Avatar
    Today, 01:16 PM
    website says they arent accepting new apps
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  • fundingsmbs's Avatar
    Today, 11:35 AM
    it would have been odd to see TBB not funding considering they bought on deck capital (enova) and they are funding
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  • capfront's Avatar
    Today, 11:27 AM
    That's simply untrue. We just funded 2 construction deals with them for $111K and $68.8K with buy rates in the 1.10s!
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  • Yankeeman07's Avatar
    Today, 09:42 AM
    You are a "lender" with terms up to 10 months? (Loan or MCA? ) There is a difference
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  • DeepwaterFunding's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:44 PM
    I would reach out to Matt Lent at Balboa to get on with them....
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  • john111's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:37 PM
    Hi, I am a direct private money lender, I may be able to help you with the funding you need but I'll need more information, an email address, and a number I can reach you with. John.
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  • Christian's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:19 PM
    Well over 73k per month. Average credit. In business since 5/2018. Buuuuuut... both owners have criminal records from over 10 years ago. The worst is burglary. Located in TX. No existing advances. Anyone dare?
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  • Moshe73's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:50 PM
    Saw Dave Sholock is at Samson now, good guy and better ISO rep. Recommend him to anyone, hopefully he's the reason for the need for a new admin :D
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  • Moshe73's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:48 PM
    Moshe73 replied to a thread A Lenders in Merchant Cash Advance ^^ :rolleyes:
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  • fin4all's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:51 PM
    fin4all replied to a thread A Lenders in Merchant Cash Advance
    idk about that, there was a previous rep on here that totally blew your cover.
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  • Magicmike18's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:24 PM
    Ive called twice give me a call when you can
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  • Orlandodls's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:57 PM
    Appreciate the list, thank you very much! what led generation companies are reputable?
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  • FundingStrategist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:22 PM
    What does it sound like? “I already got my PPP (EIDL) funding.” Where does it typically show up? Prospecting Call: making contact with a lead for the first time. What do we do with it? Turn around. Key Objective: to turn around the objection, engage the lead further, and continue to guide the lead through the sales process to ultimately close and fund! How do we turn it around? “That's great, congratulations. What other projects are you working on this quarter?” Why do we say it? The U.S. government deployed funding to small businesses through their Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) earlier this year to assist and save many of them during the Covid crisis we are still working through today. The lockdowns small businesses have had to face then and now have really disrupted revenues and operations as well as flat-out put many of them out of business. These government programs have extended unique terms and done so at such swift speed, it is unlike anything we’ve ever seen the government do. Unusual circumstances call for unusual measures. Many businesses have put these programs to work to save themselves from sinking, others used the funding to stem the tide during the lockdowns and are now back in full swing as many local economies are recovering. Some SMBs got the funding and they’re still not going to make it. This pandemic forced many SMB’s to temporarily shut down to fault of their own, it made every bit of sense for the government to deploy aid and make terms as flexible as possible. Many reps have taken a look at these terms and felt, “how is anything I have to offer going to beat that?” And, when many reps get hit with this objection, they figure why bother continuing the conversation when the merchant has already been funded, and by an almost completely forgivable product no less! The truth is that these programs were put together hastily because there wasn’t much time to waste. Many businesses got funded and have all the capital they’ll need to execute every objective they’ve laid out for the next several months, possibly quarters. But many businesses have also been funded by these programs, and its not enough. They will still need their Funding Pro now or in the wings because the business still does not have enough cash to achieve every outcome or solve every problem that needs solving. Some merchants are so focused on getting back to where they were before the pandemic, they don’t know they’ll need their Trusted Advisor yet. And while these programs have worked great for many, there are still rules and limitations on how the funding can be used in order to be eligible for forgiveness. This is an ever-evolving process. Don’t stop the conversation, continue it by getting the merchant to tell you what they’re working on (and how you can possibly assist). How are they using their PPP/EIDL? How much is left? What are they projecting for the next several weeks/months? What current problems are they working to solve? What new challenges has Covid presented? What new opportunities has Covid created? If you can’t help them now, you need to get a great feel for the best timing for an effective follow up. Every business uses capital constructively for whatever its achieving 24x365. Serve prospective clients by asking strategic questions about present and future projects, and stay in front of them to be the one to advise them at crucial time-points. *ABBP* Always Be Building Pipeline! -FundingStrategist
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  • WindgateCapital's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:57 PM
    We do soft pulls on all deals until we have signed contracts and put it into final underwriting.
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  • JParr's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:53 PM
    It's been awhile since I brokered MCAs but whatever happened to Channel Partners? I haven't seen them mentioned. They were always one of my favorites. Were never known for giving the largest approvals but they were always fair, no bullshit, and quick to fund. I believe we worked with Evan over there, can't recall his last name.
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  • IndustryVet's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:46 PM
    They are not funding new deals right now due to COVID
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  • SmartAdvanced's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:35 PM
    Will cry over this loss of business.
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  • InsiderInfo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:25 PM
    Hard pull is unusual these days.
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  • PDM Cap's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:23 PM
    PDM Capital is a growing B paper funder. For ISO reps that have a book of business, you can make a lot of money. We have become very competitive and are a small shop, which means more opportunity to bring your current ISOs something better than what's currently out there. Please email us at for more information.
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  • Michaelblu's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:16 PM
    I second this
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  • Kevin Henry-Seacoast's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:02 PM
    Hi DF, Most of you know..... We are Seacoast Business Funding, a division of Seacoast Bank. We offer flexible working capital solutions in the forms of asset based lines of credit and factoring facilities nationally. We partner with companies in a variety of industries and for those that know us well know I love staffing companies. We are unique in the market as we are bank owned. we are usually a lot more cost effective than non bank finance companies and can offer some banking service they cannot. We can and will work with companies facing challenges. Staffing companies need revolving working capital facilities as most pay payroll weekly and terms with customers are N30 at best. Some IT staffing companies are bi-weekly payroll, monthly invoice submissions, an N60 at best. A lot of staffing companies received PPP during this crisis which helped them tremendously. All of out staffing clients received PPP as we are a division of a bank. While the PPP did help them, those funds will quickly run down and they will be relying on their working capital partners more. Most of our clients did not see a dramatic slow down as expected during this crisis. Our nurse staffing, light industrial staffing clients, and IT staffing clients have all performed very well during the crisis. Out Ideal Client: -Based anywhere in the US providing temp or contract staffing services to large corporate customers, government agencies, and vendor managers. -Revenues from $2Mil to well over $300Mil. We don't mind working with companies on the smaller side of the scale. You will really get my attention on the larger deals. -Facility needs from $500K to well over $30Mil. Below please find a link to a client I won a couple of weeks ago: Best, Kevin PS: Yes-We gladly pay our referral partners referral fees. We usually pay up to 15% of the net spread over the life of the client. Our average client life is over 3 years.
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  • WindgateCapital's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:51 AM
    IF you didn't close this yet, i can help you out shoot the deal over to me and give me a call./
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  • WindgateCapital's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:49 AM
    Windgate Capital is an A Lender. We offer starting buy rates of a 1.19, weekly payments, terms up to 10 months and aggressive early payoff discounts message me for an ISO agreement
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  • Amiran5's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:41 AM
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  • asimplebroker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:38 AM
    Zahav Asset Management! Very quick response on files and they are flexible with their offers. Ive done several deals this week with them. Very smooth process and commission is already in my account.
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  • Sachip24's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:21 AM
    I would add Vital Cap to your list. Solid offers always, our ISO rep Jeff Pecori always comes through for us
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  • Franklin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:18 AM
    Best strategy for referrals is to offer something of value first....whether it be information, referrals, a potential source of information, something that helps solve a problem, etc. Or have a good conversation and make them laugh or feel good. That works as well. Just try as best as you can to give something first. Then remember to ask. - Clone yourself, and attack while you sleep.
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