Who would fund a "Collections" company with reasonable factor rate?
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    Who would fund a "Collections" company with reasonable factor rate?

    Thanks for the help...
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    Simple Choice Capital

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    I am a direct funder and do not have a problem with the collections industry, as long as business proposition and numbers all check out.

    We don't stack so I would not do a 2nd, but could consolidate the 1st and provide cash out (we do it all the time) at the rate range you are requesting.

    12-18 month term
    Monthly payments
    Early payment available anytime after six months with no fees, penalties or interest (pay remaining principle and they are out)
    Minimum funding is $100k with Max at $2M

    Feel free to reach out if you are interested in discussing.


    Dan Page
    Direct: (303) 938-8280

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