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    Talking Funny loan request.

    I know we all get these crazy emails all day long but this one takes the cake. This guy wants to tell you how to do your job with his D- paper and go wire him his money accepting his own loan documents! ha!

    I need a small business loan for $55,000. I have years of good credit but not reported on credit file. I am starting an new business and I need the money for inventory.

    I want to borrow the money for 11 months. I will be buying my brand name product directly from the manufacture and selling it retail and wholesale here in Winnipeg.

    I need the money within 48 hours and I would like to be paid by bank wire transfer. I am also willing to accept a debit terminal and submission of my 5 year lease.

    I attached my credit file which does not have any history recorded however I sent copies of my paid loan files. I have attached it to show you credit history. My credit score is under 500 at 493.

    If my credit account where added to my score it would be at 750. The business name is ------------- and it is an on-line retail and wholesaler of general merchandise.

    I started the business in 2009 and closed due to supply issues need for cash to reinvest into the company. After 3 year off I am reopening the on-line store with inventory and new website development.

    I sent you all the information you need to make your decision. I also sent you the loan transfer documents in which you would print out take to the bank and wire the loan proceeds into my account.

    You would then send me a copy of the loan repayment contract and copy of the bank wire statement showing that you have wired the loan. I can then trace the loan until it deposited into my account from my banking location.


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    Tell me a little bit about how you responded to this AWESOME request!

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    Well if you aren't going to do it please forward me his wire instructions. Seems legit

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    This email is hanging on my wall:


    My name is _____.
    I grew up in ________.
    ( of ____ / _____ decent )
    Went to elementary school, middle school, and highschool, in fort lee. In the middle of ____ university, on my way to go through law school and take the bar exam, I stopped because I believe in running a business, making your own choices, and choosing to do good, to be good.

    That means listen to no one, ESPECIALLY for money.
    Hence why I am out there making money on my own, choosing my own strategies towards financial freedom.

    Most occupations involve sitting at a desk or doing things you don't want to do. Selling cars ?
    I love cars. You love cars. Most humans love cars, cars are inevitable transportation, you don't have to depend on some metal tracks near gravel, or a string of wire that has a machine hanging by it with its thousands of pounds of weight, buses, taxis' and all other forms of transportation are attached with a binding dependency on its drivers.

    Cars are some form of freedom, independence; despite the obvious regulations. And so dealing with them I feel nothing but free.

    I make my own schedule, minute by minute, day by day.

    And I chose to be this busy:"

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