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    wanted : Funder , Direct real Funder -

    I have a merchant that is at the 4 Million a year Volume , 5 year history ,payback can be Hi-Brid CC / Daily ACH
    Have statements for 12 Months , shows consistent payment to ONE Funding source -
    Wants 145-175 @ 1.36 for 8-10 months .
    P & L,s and Balance sheets .
    This will be first position and can pay 1000 per diem , give or take
    No C.O.J. No ISO's calling to shop the deal , its a simple , fund get paid back .

    Let me know Today Friday the 13th

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    wanted : Funder , Direct real Funder -

    Industry and location? Pm me I'll send you direct
    Amanda Kingsley
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    We are direct funders

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    direct lender

    Submit to

    For more information you can email me. Thanks.

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    wanted : Funder , Direct real Funder -

    Send to me at

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    You are probably all set with this client by now but if you are not then let me know and I will be happy to take a look at it.
    Meet me and see if you Qualify
    Ben Corey
    *Ask me about our ISO program

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