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    Daily Funder value

    Anyone else see this daily funder not worth much. All you have is the older guy spamming and more scammers on this site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brokerCompany View Post
    Anyone else see this daily funder not worth much. All you have is the older guy spamming and more scammers on this site.
    I think it has some value, but yeah a couple guys just sit on here that cant generate business for sure.

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    still has value but defiantly declined over the last 2 years

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    Quote Originally Posted by brokerCompany View Post
    Anyone else see this daily funder not worth much. All you have is the older guy spamming and more scammers on this site.

    • DailyFunder is free to use and view.
    • All new registrants are manually approved (or declined). We decline multiple registrations per day so you never even see them!
    • You can click on any user's profile and use the "ignore" feature so that you don't even see their posts
    • DailyFunder has banned hundreds of people related to potential misrepresentation or fraud
    • This year we broke our single 1-day site traffic record

    We are always looking for ways to improve nonetheless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brokerCompany View Post
    Anyone else see this daily funder not worth much. All you have is the older guy spamming and more scammers on this site.
    You say that as if you're paying for it. This is an awesome forum that is FREE for the public. New guys can come on here and ask questions and get answers from the veterans. Veterans can go on here and ask for advice on who is funding which type of deals. Everyone can say who not to work with. It's all organized in one easy place to access all types of information. I think it's an awesome tool that everyone should keep a pulse on if you're in the industry.

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    Daily Funder vet here. Maybe you’re using this forum wrong. Let me enlighten the world on this magnificent site that is so simple yet so powerful.

    1: Public search. Most of what’s posted or replied comes up in an online search. Whether bad or good - sometimes your questions and answers are found by the right people and either a: save someone b: meet someone. I always stress that any scam or fraud he posted in its own thread with detail as Merchants search for companies and most times can’t find them online. Your input helps others from making big mistakes.

    2: Yeah… some of us are older. But it’s been 10-20 years since the inception of our space and those who gradually became experts in our field and networking. When I first came on here I got pushed around and I was told I help too many people for free. It’s a forum… you help people, connect people, and guide them. Simple. I’ve weirdly made some of the greatest friends from DF too. Weird but this forum has brought people together from all parts of the country and grew the audience into debanked events.

    3: When all the other networking platforms and messaging groups go away… DF will still be here. People try to replicate and “do better” but they lack the long standing luster and swag that comes with simplicity.

    Yeah we may not all agree with the sponsors on the site and I sometimes questions who tf is that? Or why tf are they here?! They’re not a funder! Etc. but you don’t go in someone else’s house and force them to redecorate. This is Sean’s house.

    If you don’t like something… control it. This forum is nothing if no one posts. There’s more lurking eyes than commenters. If you want provide more. If your friends have been banned and can’t be on here with you…. Ask yourself why. If there is ever an issue it’s not like you don’t know who to call/email.

    Maybe we all forgot the human aspect of things and we all seem more moody and disgruntled lately but what do you expect when the forum gets bombed by iso reps who constantly post “I can do that!” Copy/paste aggressive guidelines.

    In closing… get over it. DF ain’t going anywhere.

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    There has always been a bit of "noise" on this forum, but it has also been an invaluable resource for our industry over the years.

    Instead of kvetching about the quality of the dialogue on an internet forum, we should be thanking Sean and his team for keeping alive the beautiful cacophony of the different players playing in our chosen sandbox.

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    It's free to be here. If it's not of value to you...just...don't be...here?

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    The combined reputation points of all the commenters on this thread...

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    I've met some great people face to face because of this forum. You get what you put in, pretty much. It's a good door opener.... you just have to walk through it and be of value.

    www.UccRadar.com – Large sales volume merchants filling out your application.

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    I have had mostly good experiences as a result of this forum. I can't even begin to count how many deals I have gotten done over the years thanks to meeting people through this forum.

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    The DF pops off. Extremely valuable platform regardless of the nuisances. So does probably every other platform. It's also interesting to watch people disappear after they come on here talking a big game about this and that.

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    ...if you get bored, go back and read old threads. I'd go back as far as possible so you can get some history and perspective. I literally learned the industry in 2014, logging on here and reading through every post and thread there was... Learn about what happened to Bob, the Karens, learning WhoIsKingsley before TCB, and maybe you can bring bck a little more of what it used to be (a forum of knowledge and helpers!)... meeting people here at Debanked is cool, and learning a lot about both companies and people (even ones you thought were on the up and up!).

    I love this site. Sure, it isn't what it was before - but I still visit DAILY!

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