Looking for an experienced underwriter w/ 4-5 years experience
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    Looking for an experienced underwriter w/ 4-5 years experience

    C2 Advance LLC

    • Minimum 1 year of experience working for a financial services firm, preferably in the MCA or cash advance space.
    • Underwriting experience in alternative financing (MCA).

    • Perform due diligence on eligible deals (e.g., valuation, credit review, financial document review, merchant research, risk assessment, review site inspections, etc.) Analyze the data from prospective merchant applications.
    • Conduct phone interviews with merchants.
    • Present pricing, stipulations, and terms within risk parameters for eligible deals; communicate funding offers to merchants.
    • Interact with internal Sales Team and Senior Underwriter.
    • Read and analyze credit reports, merchant processing statements, bank statements, and financial statements to determine the merchant’s ability to support the exposure associated with their business type and requested parameters.
    • Gather due diligence data from various locations, including but not limited to third party vendor websites and the internet.

    To apply please contact uw@c2advance.com

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    This is my wheelhouse. I've been Underwriting pretty much nonstop since 2003 and have worked with most of the large (and plenty of the small) Funders in MCA. I'm in the process of re-launching my website, but you can check me out here:


    and e-mail me if you wish at

    I look forward to connecting with you.

    Steven Hunter
    Hunter Consulting, LLC

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