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    Hard Money Real Estate submission form

    Several of you have asked for some guidance on doing these loans.

    Here is a basic submission form you can use to submit to lenders. At the bottom you will see additional information needed to look at DSCR which some hard money lenders also can do.

    Borrower: Person's name, and/or company name for vesting purposes.

    Property Address:

    Property Type: Primary residence, investment SFR, Multi family, commercial, land, development, etc.


    Loan amount Requested:

    If Refinance - Purchase Price / Purchase Date / Mortgage Balance

    Purchase Price / Market Value:

    Rehab Costs:

    LTV Requested:

    ARV Requested: (After Rehab Value)



    Property Details:

    For DSCR,(debt service coverage ratio) include insurance, HOA, rent, any other fixed costs PAID BY YOU...

    DSCR typically is 2 - 3 interest rate points below hard money rates. But DSCR does require mandatory 5 year prepayment penalty.
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