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    Exclamation PayPal Reiterates Tightening of Business Lending Originations

    Dave Lambert, Business Development
    Merchant Services Consultant
    High Risk Merchant Payment Solutions
    SBA 7(a) Loans & Short-Term Funding
    T/VM: 727-291-7890
    Office: 727-233-1111
    Skype: fc-financial

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    The title of being top online unsecured small business lender is interesting because what does it really mean?

    If Paypal was recently the top, but they were hit with a wave of defaults, what has Square and Enova now achieved by taking that top spot?

    You look at Kabbage who was the top at one point, and the same thing.

    Like the starship commanders in Star Wars, under Darth Vader....

    The good news is, you got promoted.

    The bad news is, this is a performance-based position, none of your predecessors lasted over a week, and failure means painful death.

    There seems to be a number you can grow to, and that's it. Anything beyond that seems to cause an inward collapse. – Large sales volume merchants filling out your application.

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