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    POF deal

    Wacky deal indeed, but it's legit and no risk.
    Client brokers gas & oil. They have operating cash, but a new vendor they're taking on wants to see $125mm in liquid assets. Client wants to take on a JV partner who will not be involved in the running, and the money will NOT leave the account and full 100% control of the JV partner. No PG for the JV, indemnity agreement, whole 9 yards.

    Now, who has $125-$150mm liquid who can do this, right?

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    Might be worth a call to Natural Gas Partners in Texas....... The ask is pretty high.
    Kevin Henry
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    Andrew Goldthorpe
    Desk 707.521.0911
    NewPoint Mortgage Wholesale

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    looking for a lender for a Hotel construction 18mm

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    Quote Originally Posted by karen View Post
    looking for a lender for a Hotel construction 18mm
    Flagged or non flagged? Where located? Reach out
    Steve Benjamin
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    522 Contessa
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    @ Private money equity and debt for major investments
    @ Personal Loans up to gross income from personal tax return.

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    Does the client have any collateral that he can put up? If so, I have a guy that may do it.


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    How do you want to structure a "Passive" LP in a JR position using debt here? I don't have enough here to say yes or no on the possibility. I am assuming on what you stated in your original message about being ACTIVE or PASSIVE you are indicating an equity instrument here?
    Elon Henek
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