Reverse needed
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    Reverse needed

    5 positions 650k balance
    Tech service industry
    Has offer from g&g for 20% discount

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    Gfe, velocity, silverline

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swordfish View Post
    5 positions 650k balance
    Tech service industry
    Has offer from g&g for 20% discount
    You need to provide more information - But, the merchant owes $650K - in MCA $$$'s ?

    They need a better solution than a reverse.
    Dave Lambert, Business Development
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    Shannon Harris
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    Who are the lendors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loading View Post
    Gfe, velocity, silverline
    Gfe silverline cap at 500k

    Ibex if they still reverse

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    You and your merchant are trying to stop a bleeding artery with a band aid.
    You guys know MCA, Reverses and debt consolidation which are temporary fixes, but not solutions.

    Merchants in this situation need professional financial assistance to guide them on how to run their businesses that doesn't depend on the use of high cost debt.

    5 positions?...not fiscally responsible. Reverse on top of it? Doesn't solve the problem.

    These merchants need the help of a remote review their finances, determine why they are in this mess and help them to steer their business in the direction to fix the probem.

    This industry is evolving....are you prepared and ready to offer options as legislation is coming that will end this madness?

    Maybe consider looking at the bigger picture....

    Reach out if you are interested in potential solutions...
    Steve Benjamin
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    Broker, Underwriter, general business loan expert

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    @ Private money equity and debt for major investments
    @ Personal Loans up to gross income from personal tax return.

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