Collateral Loans Against Yachts
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    Collateral Loans Against Yachts

    I vaguely remember someone on the is forum mentioning they lend against Yatchs.
    If so can you please PM me
    Alway Be Closing

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    Tony can:

    Yachts, race cars, airplanes.

    Tony Borchello
    First Financial
    (888) 211-2197
    mobile: (949) 800-5767
    Steve Benjamin
    Professional Business Loans

    522 Contessa
    Irvine, CA 92620
    Broker, Underwriter, general business loan expert

    @ 24 hour funding working capital loans
    @ Term loans from 3 years to 10 years at 9.5% and up
    @ Equipment financing up to 7 years
    @ Property loans - Hard Money and traditional - Primary, Investment, commercial, land, fix and flip, construction.
    @ SBA loans - 7A and 504.
    @ Private money equity and debt for major investments
    @ Personal Loans up to gross income from personal tax return.

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    Seacoast Bank in Florida is a yacht/boat lender. Secoast Marine
    Kevin Henry
    VP-Business Development
    Seacoast Business Funding, a division of Seacoast Bank
    1880 N Congress Ave., Suite 404
    Boynton Beach, FL 33426

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedley Lamarr View Post
    Seacoast Bank in Florida is a yacht/boat lender. Secoast Marine
    U have a contavct there ?
    Alway Be Closing

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    Nick Hubbard
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    Contact Bruno at East Harbor. Great people. They will give you an answer within couple of hours.

    His contact:
    tel: 305-465-6498
    William R. Mateo
    Mateo Capital Group
    Tel: (954)802-2833|Fax: (888)860-1508
    Supporting Common Sense Financing!

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