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    Looking for Canadian lender than can fund 1M+ deals

    As the title says, we're looking for a direct Canadian lender that can fund deals in Ontario of 1M or higher with 1 year or longer terms.
    Looking for suggestions other than CanCap.

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    in this thread, vigorously mashing the refresh key

    IOU, not sure if they would do it in Canada but they do max out at 1.5MM in the USA, not that they actually fund anything
    They do fund Canada I just don't know if the max is different
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    try my pal Abe Bernstein
    whose CEO at 2M7 Financial Solution
    Marcus Clapman
    Capybara Capital
    646-708-5986 (Text Friendly!)

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    I can fund your $1M+ deals in USA. 732-268-0212

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    Quote Originally Posted by iwise View Post
    I can fund your $1M+ deals in USA. 732-268-0212
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