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    Collateralized Loan

    Anyone use a bank as collateral?

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    You mean use the bank as the guarantor? Like a bank letter of credit?

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    As in their checking/ saving account as collateral

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoneyMan1 View Post
    As in their checking/ saving account as collateral
    So they freeze their accounts so they can't take out the cash then?

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    So a cash advance?

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    Passbook loans — sometimes called pledge savings loans — are a type of secured loan that uses your savings account balance as collateral. These loans are offered by financial institutions, like banks and credit unions, and can be a convenient way to borrow money while rebuilding your credit
    Steve Benjamin
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    @ 24 hour funding working capital loans
    @ Term loans from 3 years to 10 years at 6% and up
    @ Equipment financing up to 6 years
    @ Property loans - Primary, Investment, commercial, land, fix and flip, construction.
    @ SBA loans - 7A and 504.
    @ Homeowner loan 2nd position- 15 year 8.99% no lien
    @ Private money equity and debt for major investments

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    At World Business lenders,, 212.271.8284

    Only real estate as collateral. Any type.

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