We've been helping this space fund thousands of merchants for over 7 years. Some of you have probably funded merchants we sent to you dozens of times over by now.

If youre tired of competing with every other MCA funder when you buy internet leads we found a real solution!

When we first generated leads in 2015 on Facebook it was really good stuff, then over the years, it seemed like everyone else was doing it and leads got worse, they probably are worse now

See we got tired of playing the Facebook ad account game, losing one, getting one unbanned, etc, also the lead quality was deterorating, facebook was great at the start because it wasnt google, where the merchant got 6 ads and filled them all out, but facebook got smart and started retargeting those who fill out leads (since they pixel your site, they know) and then show to those advertisers like you, thats why it worked for so many in terms of cheap leads, and why merchants were and probably still are bombarded with funders calling them which resulted in poor performance

... so we found new ground, its fertile, we want to scale it more... if you want leads and youre building a real funding business you have to reach out to us, were probably the most compliant lead generator in the space. We buy all our own data, we can source every lead to the click it came from, no affiliates. We employ journaya's lead guardian to protect against TCPA trolls, as a 3rd party they verify that they submitted the lead and gave affirmative consent.

Reach out https://www.popcrumbs.com/us-business-loans/ or email dan at popcrumbs dot com