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    100k a month 70k goes to personal first position

    merchant does 15-30k in business account and deposits and the other 70 in personal account

    first position

    who would fund this?

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    I’ll give it a look, can fund within 3 hours of underwriting it

    Are you able to tell me the reason for the 70K going into personal account?

    Dm me contact info if interested

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    Capitalize can take a look at the deal.

    Please submit the deal to
    Capitalize Group | New York, NY. | Direct Funder | (347) 519-2822 |

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    It's worth looking into.. What industry, how are the balances, credit score, TIB, what do they need the funds for, etc.

    Email or call me and I can maybe get it funded for you.
    eFinancial Tree
    C: 815 260 0284 (Call or Text)

    1% bonus on your first funded deal! (We fund every industry besides Auto Sales)

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    Typically when you have transfers into a business account, lender will want to see the bank statements of the personal account too as several merchants have Square to their personal account and then transferred into the business account. Then the lender will look at the square deposits in the personal account as a merchant credit card statement.
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    We would potentially fund a deal like that. Feel free to reach out.
    Direct Funder | FirstLine Advance | New York, NY.

    Call us: 929-592-3073
    Email us:

    1st position and up | Snap Funding within 2 hours | No credit checks

    Currently accepting new ISO's!

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    HYBRID ADVANCE is accepting new ISO's and putting out aggressive offers with a quick turnover time and minimal stips required to fund (VC,DL,EIN) whether its 10k or 1 Million.
    Any deals in the B-D Paper space we will get it done no problem. Send all inquiries to

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