Automated Futures Trading Systems G2eFunding Pro Trading Services allows investors to Copycat the trades of professional system traders in their own accounts using the automated platform of our broker partners. All of our trades are verified by our 3rd-party broker partners, the CME and NFA. We use precise, scalable position sizing to manage risk relative to capital.

MICRO MASTER which day/swing trades the micro futures contracts of the S&P 500(MES) and NASDAQ 100(MNQ). Trades can be held overnight and larger micro positions are built as trades move in our favor.
Subscription fee: $100/10k traded/month. (All figures in USD)
Our Advantages

Signals for reversal and breakout Trades for Day-Traders using Candlestick Patterns.

Withdraw your profits anytime
Capital is rarely tied up
System designed to generate returns across all market conditions(bull/bear/flat)
Setup, training, support provided
No lock-in periods or exit fees