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    Direct Funder For All Biz Types Referral Please

    Can someone please recommend a direct funder that will accept all business types. I know ISO’s are claiming to accept all business types. I’d like to know who the go-to funder would be.
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    There is no answer to this question

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    We'll look at most businesses. i.e. law firms and car dealerships as long as they are doing significant cash flow. Construction and trucking/logistics we require a minimum deposit of $75k/mo. Feel free to reach out.
    Dave Shollock
    Samson Funding
    Director of Business Development

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael I View Post
    There is no answer to this question
    He is absolutely right...there is no one path (funder/lender) to righteousness.

    Unless you work with a broker...

    ...then, he or she can point you in the right direction on where to place files. And what you should be making. And who to work with...

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    Vertex Funding Group has no industry restrictions when it comes to funding, will be happy to take a look at your file.

    Please email us at:
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    Josh Klein
    Vertex Funding LLC

    Direct Funder

    C. 786-289-9466
    277 Park Ave New York, NY

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    Business Capital Providers is a direct lender providing approvals for A-C paper clients, 1st through 3rd position offers made, 550 credit minimum, and minimum monthly revenue of 12K.

    Minimum Funding amount: $10,000 – Max Funding: $500,000, same day wires available.
    • 30 -90 Minute approvals with minimal stips
    • Payoff(s) available : Up to 2 positions

    We fund all business types including:

    • Cannabis companies and dispensaries
    • Online Retail
    • Trucking & transportation (minimum 3 vehicles)
    • Construction
    • Oil-related
    • Solar

    We only have 3 restricted business types (Adult entertainment, Financial services/debt collection, and Auto Sales)
    (No California deals due to current economic climate)

    Contact me to discuss a partnership with our company.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________

    David Stewart
    Director of Business Development
    Business Capital Providers

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    We look to fund deal grossing $25K a month in revenue and will fund 1-4 position deals. Hope that helps you.
    Paul Boxer
    Director ISO Relations

    Cell: (516) 805-9209

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    no such thing.
    Thank you,

    Lior Monus
    Business Development Manager
    CFG Merchant Solutions

    Direct: (646) 880-6764
    Cell: (516) 319-5826
    Fax: (646) 278-7322
    180 Maiden Lane New York, NY 10038

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    Most funders have "restricted industries". Will be hard to find one that has no restrictions. I saw EBF mentioned on here, EBF does not cater to trucking. My bet would be on Fundry for one to fund with least industry restrictions.

    Here at FundFi we have trucking, auto sales, lawyers, and default deals as our restricted industries. Please reach out for any details/guidelines.
    We specialize in b/c paper with positions 2-4 as our sweet spot. We do 1sts, but with previous MCA history. Good luck! Our website can be easily reached by clicking the FundFi button ad on the right of this page.


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    There are companies that do this for the most part but they are extremely high risk. Your better off asking someone if they can provide a funder sheet to you with updated guidelines. For companies that pretty much do everything and are legit, LCF for high risk, EBF for medium risk and KCG for A-B paper because they fund trucking and construction.

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    Spartan Capital funds all business types.

    We do up to 5 positions and fund up to $2 Million.

    Send me an email or give me a call. I'd love to partner up on some deals.

    Matt Spinelli
    ISO Manager
    Spartan Capital

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    Give me a call. We have no restricted industries just some industries that we are more careful on. We will look at all deals and give an offer to anyone who has room!
    Jay Braude, Director of ISO Relations

    Blade Funding, 201 Blvd of The Americas, Lakewood NJ 08701

    Email: | Mobile: 732.551.5923

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    I think each funder has its sweet spot.
    At Fox we are strongest on 2/3rds but we do fund 2/5th , so high risk as well.
    10 months and under. Our restricted industries mean we still fund them but they need to show stronger deposits eg construction/auto 75k - 100k and some MCA history.
    We fund cannabis as well and offer weekly payments.

    Shoot me an email for more detials
    Eli S.
    FOx Business Funding
    Iso manager
    347. 562. 8796

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