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    Best 1st position funder with early payoff discount

    Any recommendations for a 1st position funder whos funding right now with a prepayment discount?

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    Central Diligence, Kapitus, Pirs
    John Celifarco
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    Horizon Funding Group

    3423 Ave S
    Brooklyn, NY 11234
    T: (347) 773-3990 | F: (718) 795-1990
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    SOS Capital is actively funding A paper deals with aggressive buy rates and prepayment discounts.

    Feel free to reach out for more info!
    Benjamin Lugassy
    SOS Capital

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    With all due respect to that group, but the best prepay is Bluevine. As in "interest is forgiven"

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    We have a great prepay addendum!
    Paul Boxer
    Merchant Marketplace

    Chief Operating Officer
    Chief Revenue Officer

    Cell: (516) 805-9209

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    Lending Valley, Inc
    Clark Sica
    Business Development Manager
    Lending Valley, Inc.
    Office Line: 347-478-5161
    Mobile Line:347-536-0528
    Fax: 1-888-850-1971

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    Greenwich Capital's Monthly Discount programs can have your merchant paying as low as 2.5% per month Flat! Email for more details.

    We also have the steepest prepay's in the industry!

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