Hey DF,

As many of you know...... We are Seacoast Business Funding, a division of Seacoast Bank. We are trusted working capital partners to companies in a variety of industries nationally. We offer flexible working capital solutions in the forms of asset based lines of credit and factoring facilities.

One industry where we are very active is staffing. We especially like IT staffing. With the current global virus issue, many large customers are leaning on their IT staffing partners. Most of these IT staffing companies have workers that are working remotely and not at the actual customer site. The industry has been under heavy demand for the last several years and could see a bump in demand if large companies seek to outsource IT to remote workers.

Our ideal client:

-Based anywhere in the US.
-Provides contract or temp staffing services to large commercial customers, vendor managers, and/or government agencies.
-Revenues from $2Mil to well over $300Mil.
-Facility needs from $500K to well over $40Mil. We have several owners that own multiple companies that have partnered with us. Some have facilities in excess of $30Mil.

We IT Staffing companies chose to partner with us:

-We are bank owned and typically much more cost effective than most finance companies.
-We can offer a lot more flexibility than most finance companies. better advance rates and flexibility around approved/unbilled time.
-We understand the industry extremely well.
-We listen first and move fast. All of our credit decisions are made within or division. We move much faster than a bank and can work with companies facing challenges good and bad.

Yes! We gladly pay our referral partners referral fees.