Equipment Financing
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    Equipment Financing

    I'm looking for some new equipment financing funders. I know of Ondeck, Quality leasing, Lendspark, Equipment Leasing Group of America, Omega Funding, Original Genius Funding, Big Think Capital, RDM Capital Funding and Mateo Capital Group.

    If you know any other funders that offer equipment financing please post below.

    Thank you.

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    We finance equipment deals for A-D credit, and startups, in amounts ranging from $25k to $3M.

    Give me a call or shoot me an email and I'll share some more info on our programs.
    Joshua Parrish | SLIM Capital
    (415) 938-4977 |

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    Hi Nick,

    I appreciate the recognition. If anyone has any equipment finance transactions or questions they want to ask, please do not hesitate to reach out. My full contact is below, if dialing our office line please ask for Cal.

    Cal Falkenhayn | Senior Account Executive
    Equipment Leasing Group of America
    211 Waukegan Road, Suite 100 |Northfield, IL 60093
    O: 847-784-0011 | F: 847-784-0066 | M: 847-922-2729 |

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    Thanks for the shout out as well. We're a direct lender and work with A-D credits and start-ups, and we have a very generous partner referral program! What I think makes us stand out though is our persistence to get deals deals done and done the right way. Please see our reviews online and see what our customers think of us. If you have any deals you'd like to discuss feel free to let me know.

    Daniel Lax
    National Account Manager
    2554 Gateway Rd, Carlsbad, CA 92009
    Direct (760)- 255-6604
    Mobile (619)-244-3478**
    CFL*60DBO 41240 DRE 02088975

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    LoanMe offers monthly payment term loans from $3,500 - $250,000. Requires no FICO score to qualify. Minimum of 90 days in business. Multiple positions on the loans are okay. Final approval is based on affordability, not strictly revenue or deposits. We can work with all for profit "industries". We can get your client funded the same day if needed. Call me and we can chat further.
    Justin Pla
    LoanMe Small Business Loans National Account Manager
    Office: (949)535-7798
    Direct: (949) 535-7171

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    Hey Nick,
    We do equipment leasing at GetBackd. A-B papers.

    Morgan Mimms
    Partner Manager
    (888)-594-1540 Ext.1164

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    Quote Originally Posted by morganmimms View Post
    Hey Nick,
    We do equipment leasing at GetBackd. A-B papers.

    Morgan Mimms
    Partner Manager
    (888)-594-1540 Ext.1164
    Is equipment leasing done in-house?

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    Yes it is.
    Morgan Mimms
    Partner Manager
    (888)-594-1540 Ext.1164

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    Quote Originally Posted by WestCoastFunding View Post
    Is equipment leasing done in-house?
    Yes it is.
    Morgan Mimms
    Partner Manager
    (888)-594-1540 Ext.1164

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