Whether it's a split funding, a daily, weekly or bi-weekly ACH, The Smarter Merchant has the right funding program to fit most of your merchants needs. The Smarter Merchant has the flexibility and knowledge to tailor the perfect advance. All of that and quick turnaround times lets you get back to what you do best... closing more deals.
Here is why you should choose TSM

Fast Turnaround Time
High Approval Ratings
Less Stips
Flexible Payment Options
Split Fundings
More Industries Served
Same Day Funding Available

Just a few MORE of the many reasons to choose The Smarter Merchant as your go to funding source

Aggressive Commissions And Monthly Bonus Specials
Knowledgeable, Dedicated ISO Support Staff
You Be The Bank With Our True White Label Solutions
Customize Funding Terms With With Our ISO Calculator
Cutting Edge Security To Protect Your Submissions

Every funding is unique and not every offer fits right out of the box. Use our custom offer calculator to craft the perfect terms for your merchant. You can even order electronic contracts right from the offer page.

Advanced Syndication Portal
Don't just broker, Fund with us. Leverage our class leading technology to participate in your own deals. Get advanced metrics, custom reporting and granular details about your portfolio performance. Contact me anytime johng@thesmartermerchant

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