Hi everyone, and welcome to the Daily Funder family.

We are proud to announce that we are NOT onboarding new ISOs to sign up and fund with us!

With our new expanded Credit line ($20 million) we are NOT interested in random ISOs who don't have funders, and need to scam one last funder that doesn't know how to get business

With our Decrease in commission (from 10 points down to 7 points) and Increase in UW wait time (from 3/4 hours to at least 7/8 hours to even get a dumb decline response), we DO NOT welcome more submissions

We don't want your business, and we don't care about your deals (they're regardless shitty deals that all other funders are declining, otherwise you obviously wouldn't send it to us, unless you're a bozo) so why would we even want them?

We do not want your non-stop calls and hourly demands, to look at deals that you are "giving us a chance" to fund, even though you know very well that no one else even gave it any type of offer!

we don't care about your PSF Fees, we don't care that your fees must be pulled and therfore you bitch about our bank fees, without admitting that you have sneaked in a PSF fee, we're not stupid, we know whats up - OF COURSE YOU HAVE A PSF FEE - but why would we go above and beyond to make sure you can pull your fee, when you can't even admit that you have a fee

we don't care about speed. we don't care about your calls when the deal is signed - the deal is shit anyways

Our backdoor policy is clear: we don't need to backdoor your deals, since they're worthless.

You know that you're not sending us anything fundable. You already have your shops that you send your good deals to.
we know that this game you play, that you "don't need us and doing us a favor" is BS because in the end you regardless send the garbage

so if you still wanna sign up - try calling our new designated ISO rep (10 years experience) and see if he will even call you back (he won't) let alone pick up your calls, ever