Need Asset-Based Loan Using about $1.5 million in Farm Equipment for $500,000 Loan
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    Need Asset-Based Loan Using about $1.5 million in Farm Equipment for $500,000 Loan

    The key issue here is getting this done without having to do income verification.
    If we can bypass appraisal as well, that would be gold. If not, that's understood, but for sure, better to do no income ver.

    They CANNOT let go of the equipment while using the capital ( la PledgeCap or the likes. He needs the equipment)

    70% of assessed FLV is the loan goal. Looking to move really quickly on this.

    Please PM me or email so I get faster notification; anything else doesn't work for me.. I can't follow threads to get notified or nothing...

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    I don't know of any equipment lenders or any other lender that will do a loan on equipment without verifying income or using some type of appraisal.....nor should they.
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    I know of at least two that do this type of thing. Rates work out to be a 1.5 factor rate over 4 years (monthly payments), there is an appraisal, and generally a yearly inspection (for another fee).
    75% FLV

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    Bilderberg Business Lenders

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    DONE DEAL!!!

    Anthony Auriemma
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