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    Asset based loan for Real Estate

    We have a client $250K in monthly rev, 770 Fico & $1MM in real estate, looking for an asset based loan to acquire real estate. As far managing expectations, what terms should we expect? What funders finance this type of asset based loan?

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    Asset based loan for Real Estate


    We can fund up to 50% LTV on real estate assets, depending on credit and risk profile. If borrower is solid we can offer 2 year program at 1.20 factored cost of capital OR our BLOC (line of credit) product interest-only with a balloon payment at end of term. If you would like more info on our products and services, email

    Happy hunting!

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    Samson Partners offers hard money loans up to 65% LTV 30 year amortized rate over 5,10, 20 and 30 years with first year interest only. Feel free to PM me to further discuss.

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