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    Hello Chris,

    This depends on the market you are selling to. For example, UK restricts it's THC level to 0.01%. If you are interested in CBD payment processing, then we can help.

    We are a UK based financial services provider. Our range of services include card payment acquisition, card payment gateway, crypto payment gateway, local payment methods, company formation, etc.

    Contact us to learn more about our services -

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    Hi Jamesf,

    Sorry to learn about the unfair process that you had to go through. We have been merchants ourseleves and started our own payment processing ISO after going through similar troubles and realizing the gap in this industry.

    However, send us a nudge if you wish to enroll to our % basis referral program. My website would be

    Good day.

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    emailed you for iso package!

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    Angry Red Vein Kratom

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