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    Hi All,

    Anybody have a good contact at Bluevine they care to share? Please let me know.


    AllCap Financial

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    John! The BD for Bluevine is on the link below. You can message him from FB. He's in California
    Amanda Kingsley
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    Hi John -

    I generally recommend to folks to send an email to "". In your email, let the team know (a) where you're based and (b) if you'd prefer to work under an ISO or referral system [we do both].

    From there, the team should route you to the right person fairly quickly.

    Your website says you're in Everett, WA. If that's the case, Rey Julio is your guy - Rey is on the road in Southern California at the moment, so not sure how fast is response time will be if he's slammed with office meetings.

    Matt Estes

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    Matt is the man!
    Marcus Clapman | Business Development | Cresthill Capital
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