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    Recovering Defaults

    I have over a decade's worth of experience working with some of the largest funders within the MCA space recovering upon their bad debt and coordinating legal measures needed to enforce the COJ or UCC.

    I can offer many references from the owners I work with who will all confirm that their bad debt and cost recovering this debt has decreased dramatically. I am not a collections agency, in fact far from it. In both practice and results I am vastly different.

    If anyone needs assistance with the collection issues or simply not happy with the results they have thus far, let's chat. I can explain what I do that is different, my track record of success.....but better still can offer you many people to speak with in your exact position. Speak with my clients and take their word for it.

    I can do what others cannot and can offer the proof to back that up.

    Please feel free to message me or call me direct at 1-877-669-7943


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    Contact me privately. I have a client who who may need your service. They have many default clients with signed and notarized COJ. They need your service to perform a bank levy and take control of the receivables from the merchant's processor. I can refer this funder to you.

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