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    Good Factoring Companies

    Can anyone good factoring companies? Looking for direct factors, invoices from 10K to 300K.

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    Several folks here act on Factoring firms behalf.. Need to post industry, whether or not client has an accounting system (Quickbooks etc), whether or not they are commercial or residential clients..

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    Good Factoring Companies

    Happy to assist. Please DM me a convenient number to reach you and i will tell you in more details the types pf deals we fund.

    Looking forward to speaking with you!

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    Anyone recommended Riviera?

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    I would have recommended Riviera a few years ago but their appetite has changed.
    Richard is correct. Any number of us could help you but you do need to give us more information.
    Loan, your question implies that you are not too experienced with factoring ad are you sure factoring is the answer and not another vehicle such as an Asset Based Loan.
    I'd be glad to talk to you and give you a 5 minute primer with no strings attached.
    If you wish I would also recommend a few factors that will be specifically useful to you depending o what your client does for a living.
    Bob Shaw

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    Call Robert Kort at Hamilton Group in CA. He has been a direct lender for factoring for more than 20 years. I have been working with him for over ten years and now send almost all of my deals to him. Howard.

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    Hi There. CapFlow Funding is a Factor & direct lender (not a Broker), and I can let you know if we might be a good fit, or guide you in the right direction, once I know more about the transaction. Email me: and I'll get back to you promptly. Thanks! - Bob
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    Hi, Sasha here from Fundbox. Fundbox is a direct lender that specializes in invoice financing. We don't look at credit score or bank statements and don't require that all invoices are purchased; instead we underwrite based on accounts receivable / accounts payable data and lend against individual invoices. Happy to provide more info to you or any brokers and ISOs about our funding service and referral program. Feel free to reach out at

    Sasha | 617.281.4651

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    Quote Originally Posted by loan View Post
    Can anyone good factoring companies? Looking for direct factors, invoices from 10K to 300K.
    Depends on industry, number of invoices, non notification, reserves,buy backs . Different factors for different deals
    Connect with one of the above or contact us

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