Over the course of the past 10 years I have been working directly with several lenders within the MCA industry. I have done quite well and have managed to curb their bad debt by a substantial margin month after month, year after year.

I am looking to see if their is any interest among the direct lenders who may read this post. I work infinitely better than any collections office out there and equal or greater to attorneys. I have the record and references to back up that statement.

You assuredly have a collections process in place and most probably then outsource to a 3rd party agency. I am willing to bet that whatever agency you use, they are at most are recovering 10% of bad debt assigned if that. I can yield at least double that and for an average of 33% less cost. Collection agencies while run by intelligent people, are still at the mercy of it's employees who know little to nothing about the MCA industry, how to discuss enforcing a UCC or COJ, or how to deal with attorneys who may represent the merchant.

If afforded the opportunity, I could very quickly show you the benefit someone like myself could offer. I am very well versed in contract and enforcement law but also know how to disseminate this information in lay terms so the merchants themselves realize they need to pay you because that is the end game.

Like I said, I can offer many references to those interested and they would all attest to my claims as being accurate. The bottom line is that I can recover a much greater percentage of your bad or defaulted debt without you being forced to spend 33% or greater with agencies who deliver moderate to poor results.

I hope there is some interest, and I welcome anyone to message me or call at 877-669-7943