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    Need Purchase Order Financing; US company ships to customer in Haiti but no LC

    My Client has an incredible setup getting merchandise at an unheard of price, and reselling at great profit margins monthly. I need a factor who is able and comfortable financing merchandise from the US through customs in Haiti. If you have a base out there, that's probably the only way it's going to work.

    This is a multiple transaction opportunity for tons of merchandise every month.

    ***There is no Letter or Credit available.***

    You have to be able to transact in Haiti directly. This is a cash market.

    If you are a PO factoring company able to work with businesses who deliver in Haiti, please PM me now....

    You can also email me:

    Please note: I know 10-15% is the standard commissions on these types of transactions; however, due to the size of the transaction, and the lucrative opportunity at hand, I won't be entertaining commissions under 15% of monthly costs collected unless there is a TRUE excuse for you paying less.
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    Need Purchase Order Finance Company able to finance Haiti $3MM purchase order

    We should talk about this one as the deal would depend on the details.
    Where are the goods delivered to?
    Bob Shaw

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