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    Marijuana - Real estate

    Have a client who runs a grow operation in Oklahoma. Looking to expand the business with a new warehouse and needs about 2.5 million to build + get equipment.

    Anyone know any banks able to lend to that industry?

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    A Resource - You have to develop relationships -
    Dave Lambert, Business Development
    Merchant Services Consultant
    High Risk Merchant Payment Solutions
    SBA 7(a) Loans & Short-Term Funding
    T/VM: 727-291-7890
    Office: 727-233-1111
    Skype: fc-financial

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    Thats super helpful, thankyou!

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    Reach out...i have people who can do this....need more information...

    Construction loan is one...

    Equipment financing is another.
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    Steve Benjamin
    Professional Business Loans

    522 Contessa
    Irvine, CA 92620
    Broker, Underwriter, general business loan expert

    @ 24 hour funding working capital loans
    @ Term loans from 3 years to 10 years at 9.5% and up
    @ Equipment financing up to 7 years
    @ Property loans - Hard Money and traditional - Primary, Investment, commercial, land, fix and flip, construction.
    @ SBA loans - 7A and 504.
    @ Private money equity and debt for major investments
    @ Personal Loans up to gross income from personal tax return.

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    Easy Peasy! I have a family office, private money lender for the real estate, and working capital.
    Elon Henek
    HCI - Glen Cove, NY
    Main: 1-516-676-1854
    Cell: 1-516-236-4086

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    Have you achieved funding for this project, if not reach out to me and lets talk.

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