Looking for weekly.
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    Looking for weekly.

    I got a file, he's got an offer now for 18K over 13.5 months, I'm guessing its a 1.38-1.40 based on what he told me he was paying back, I don't have any other information, and who knows if its a real offer. The banks look clean, industry is IT.

    The issue, he wants a weekly payment, I think if I can come in around the same or slightly more with a weekly, it will close.


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    Try with Lendr

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    Hi. Whiterabbit, I can help out with this one. How long have he been in business? How much is he looking for? What is his gross each month. I can get him a weekly payment option and also maybe look at an SBA, term loan or business line of credit with a monthly payment. Let's talk.

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    Weekly is not hard to come by, what is the detractor on this causing a daily? ADBs shot?

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