Yet another client of Prime Capital Ventures is filing a complaint against Kris Roglieri. Roglieri has been relentlessly hit with accusations, raids, and lawsuits since the start of 2024. The company has come forward with similar allegations to the numerous other complaints against Roglieri.

In the most recent update, 1800 Park Avenue LLC filed an adversary proceeding against Roglieri and his companies in the court where he is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. An adversary proceeding allows a plaintiff to file a lawsuit and attempt to seek remedy after a party declares bankruptcy.

The company claims it sought $100 million to build an egg farm and was introduced to Roglieri’s company through a loan broker towards the end of 2023. On December 22, 2023, the company and its two principals sent a $5 million cash deposit to Roglieri. They were unaware that the deposit was sent only days after Prime Capital Ventures was forced into bankruptcy. They also did not know about the civil fraud litigation against Roglieri and his business entities.

Allegedly, Prime extended lines of credit to third parties and received millions of dollars in deposits. The deposits were supposed to be put in interest credit accounts, but that was not the case. According to the companies’ accusations, they received little to none of the line of credit or deposits.

The FBI raided his home twice, but there are no criminal charges related to fraud at this time. Roglieri has been charged with third degree possession of an assault weapon and third degree criminal possession of an ammunition feeding device.