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    Tip for mca brokers

    If you are going to accuse a real funder of being a fake funder and brokering deals, here is the easiest way to know if they are real or not, check the courts, nyscef, every lender has defaults if they do, there is a high chance they will be there. So please do your homework, if you will start accusing.

    As mentioned in previous threads, Funding Plaza is a subsidiary of Pinnacle Advances, please go check the courts before accusing.

    warm regards.

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    Not saying you are or aren't a funder. But true whitelabel's show up in in courts.....

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    everyone says check the ny court system but there are many other methods of filing that rookies would not even think to look into... first of all there are plenty of funders that file in arbitration if they are in ny, as well as 49 other states out there that have their own court system that they would file in if they are not organized in NY. if you want to know if someone is a funder, do a little more homework then typing in the NY court system

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    Not saying you are or aren't a funder. But true whitelabel's show up in in courts.....
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