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    Another SBA Lender exits the market

    Another national SBA lender has suddenly left the market leaving all of their clients in a tough spot.
    It does matter who you work with, especially on SBA loans. I believe there will be further lender consolidation and borrowers will be left scrambling. As a top ten national SBA lender, we are committed to SBA financing and don't have the issues many other SBA lenders are facing. I expect more SBA bank lenders to pull back as well as non-bank SBA lenders who don't have the balance sheet to keep funding.
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    Dan, care to tell us which one?

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    Was out to lunch with a very reputable BK attorney last week. Most of her cases ae SBA loans.
    Hedley Lamarr......That's Hedley

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedley Lamarr View Post
    Was out to lunch with a very reputable BK attorney last week. Most of her cases ae SBA loans.

    SBA bank lenders?
    SBA non bank lenders?

    What type of bankruptcy?
    Chapter 11?
    Chapter 7?
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