Recurring payments, eCheck, eInvoicing, Mobile, Level III, Online bill payment and more. Built so you get paid faster.
EPay connects your business to more of your customers and in more ways with a single log-in than any other payment
platform available. It connects your business, shopping cart and website to all US based credit card processors, all US based
banks and most US based ACH, Direct Debit and eCheck processing platforms.

EPay brings together all payment possibilities and puts them into one easy to use single sign-on platform. One log-in with all the
options. EPay adds real value and efficiency to your business by enabling you to manage your retail counter, online bill
payment, shopping cart and recurring payments together in one place from anywhere you want to work.

Product: Web Based Payment Gateway offering merchants a suite of services to accept payments from their customers
within a PCI Compliant System.

Merchant Control Panel Video Demo:

Contact us today for complete details. (works with any credit card processor)