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    Looking for qualified ISO's

    I wanted to introduce myself, I am from Equita Advance. I wanted to see if we could develop a partnership with you. We have been in funding for the past 5 month now and are funding close to $3 million monthly. Our timeline is very quick with our offers in as little as 15 minutes and funding within 1-2 hours. We are aggressively expanding and want to double our monthly funding totals. We have tons of money to deploy.
    We primarily fund high-risk, C and D paper, but will look at all paper. The only industries that we won't fund are, law firms, and real estate brokerages. The industry we have restrictions on is trucking for which we require 200 k monthly revenue, and construction for which we require 200K monthly revenue.

    Our standard advance:
    Funds: 20k-1,000,000
    Position: 2nd ON
    Time in Business: 1-year minimum
    Term: 10-160 days
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    Just funded my 1st deal with Equita advance, good and honest group of people, got everything done fast. For fast personalized service contact Eugene at

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    thank you it was and is great working with you !

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