100% financing for development projects and we only work with pre-leased credit development projects. Must have a lease in place or a hard LOI from prospective tenant. Credit rated tenants and NN or NNN preferred. Can include land acquisition if it is controlled / at least under contract. Can be a single project or several.

For credit, pre-leased, “household-name” development, assume the loan will be 100% of cost not to exceed 80% of ultimate value (stabilized)

Recourse is negotiable. I have some trade secrets that could alleviate your having to sign personally.

The borrower will never be relieved from recourse for construction completion, environmental nor “bad boy” clauses.

No lender participation.

The lenders want to charge a point going in and same at exit. (This is negotiable.)

Broker origination 2 points.

Usually 18-24 month term; can pay off sooner. Term can be extended at a charge.

The lenders want to establish a credit facility, not just do one-off.

Must be presented so the lenders must understand (be able to predict) the exit cap rate w/in a narrow range and exit which can be a sale or a perm loan.

Usually, there is a about a two-point spread between yield on cost (NOI ÷ Total Cost) and exit cap rate (NOI ÷ Sales Price or Value). A 1.5% spread could be enough.

No dollar limit.

Anywhere in the US or Canada.