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    Looking for Lender that has experience in working with Bourbon Makers/distributors

    I have a client that is looking for $10M and wants to work with a lender that understands the bourbon sector/industry. This is very unique as the inventory actually appreciates.

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    Hey Daryl. If you want to chat about this I think I have a lender/product that would make sense. Call me at 1-516-236-4086 - Elon Henek

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    Live Oak Bank in NC has a beverage practice.
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    Need to sample the product first before underwriting review though...
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    I am located in Louisville, Ky. We have worked with multiple breweries and distilleries in our area. Give me a call at 470-913-8473 and ask for Quincy

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    File sounds familiar but may just be same industry...Capybara Capital funds the 1-3M deals --- Can fund within 24Hours of receiving submission. We are very flexible and staffed to work with their CFO's and Attorneys which is common with these merchants as they are doing 10-50M a year in sales.

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    I have a couple of friends that would love to syndicate with me on this file if its right please give me a call so we can both make money

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    Maybe they should get an inventory loan?
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    Thanks for the replies. The client just got back to me and she liked the idea of an inventory loan. That being said, the interest rate would have to be around market or better. In a nutshell the inventory (bourbon which appreciates) is valued around $40M and she is looking for a $10M loan. Can anyone assist with this scenario?

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    I have an even better idea gimme a call 347-377-0223

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