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    70% split!!

    Happy 4th

    Hey all! New to DF so take it easy on me. In order to keep things positive only PM will be responded to

    New shop in Miami built a state of the art funding shop.
    70% rep 30% house on the funding and PSF (meaning rep gets more than the house!).
    Close to 10,000 SF of office space.
    Every rep gets own office.
    Very modern and professional setting (not boiler room).
    Kind of place you like coming to work to.
    Looking to bring on experienced reps or a team.
    Turn key setting with everything provided including admin team.
    Experienced management.

    Great opportunity for someone who is not being valued at their current shop or looking to grow.

    4 seats left!

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    10,000 sq feet in Miami is a hefty nut, at 70% Comish .... you better be funding 10 Mill a month out the gate.

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