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    1st pos poor credit

    Which funders are funding 1st position poor credit deals. I have a construction deal 1-2 deposits a month, 529 fico, decent daily balances. Let me know pls

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    We Fund anything from 1st position on & do not run credit checks as we focus on healthy ledgers and payments history. We try to approve as many deals as possible within reason of course. I would be glad to hop on a call to get acquainted & discuss any potential deal. My contact info is below. Thank You

    - Direct Funder in the MCA Arena
    - Same Day Approvals & Smooth Funding Process
    - No Restricted Industries
    - No credit checks
    - No UCC Filings
    - Minimal Paperwork & DocuSign Agreements
    - Dedicated Experienced Underwriters with Fast Decisions

    We specialize in:
    - Large Deals
    - High Risk
    - B to D Paper
    - 1st to 12th position

    - Default deals are entertained on a deal by deal basis (Satisfied judgments, payment plan, time of default & more)
    - Other Company Declines (Deals that are hard to get offers on)
    - Reverse Consolidation (Daily ending balances must be at least 5k to 10k. The term left on the advance needs to end within 40 days
    or less. 0 bounced payments & paying minimum of 50k monthly in MCAs)
    - Exceptionally competitive with dollar amount.

    Our Product:
    10k to 3MM (For increase of funds, a deal by deal basis)
    Terms up to 95 days (Flexible with large funding amounts)
    Weekly payments available (Deal by deal basis)
    Early Payoff Discounts (Deal by deal basis)
    Instant DocuSign contracts
    All Submissions are priced at 1.49 with broker discretion to down sell

    Funding Criteria
    -Minimum monthly revenue - $50,000
    -Minimum monthly deposit count - 5
    -Average daily balances - $1,500.00
    -Time in business - 6 Months (12 months preferred)
    -All credit scores accepted
    -No credit checks (We focus on healthy ledgers and payments history)
    -Restricted industries minimum monthly revenue - $100,000

    -Canada - Yes, but must be a US bank account
    -Tax Liens - Must be on payment plan
    -Ownership 100% (All parties must sign)

    Gill Navarro
    Director of ISO Relations
    Direct: 1(862)-303-3225

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    FirstLine doesn't check credit. Feel free to reach out.
    Direct Funder | FirstLine Advance | New York, NY.

    Call us: 929-592-3073
    Email us:

    1st position and up | Snap Funding within 2 hours | No credit checks

    Currently accepting new ISO's!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Essential$$$ View Post
    Which funders are funding 1st position poor credit deals. I have a construction deal 1-2 deposits a month, 529 fico, decent daily balances. Let me know pls

    This is in our box. Get in touch.

    $ 1% bonus point for the month of June $

    We have revamped our lending criteria for aggressive offers and maximum deal flow. We pride ourselves on being extremely creative and flexible.

    Our funding Criteria:

    - 10k minimum funding - 500k max funding
    - B, C, D paper
    - Offers not based on credit score - low credit ok
    - Response time (realistically) as low as 60 minutes
    - 1st - 5th position - Up to 38% withhold of net deposits
    - 1.32 buy rates
    - Terms up to 140 days (weekly's upon approval)
    - Max Upsell to 15 points
    - Early Payoff Discounts
    - 4 truck minimum for trucking industry
    - 15k a month average revenue
    - Minimum of 5 deposits per month
    - Minimal stips (VC & ID)
    - Docusign Contracts
    - Commission paid after 1st debit clears (4 days)

    ! Attention Sales Reps !

    - Ask us about our Line of Credit for syndication -

    Michael Ross
    New York, NY

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    Depending on the rev we can potentially give an offer.

    Send us an email @

    Underwriting Desk | LiteFund Solutions | New York, NY.
    P: 202-850-9077 E: W:
    We specialize in micro deals ranging from $4k to $25k

    LiteFund is a ClearFund company
    ISO inquires:

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    We do not check credit, we can fund this deal today. We are very aggressive with our offers and I believe we can get this done for you.

    We fund any deal from $5,000 - $5 million The minimum revenue requirement is $35,000 a month.
    We fund B+ to D-paper deals - Flex deals.
    We will even fund deals that have defaulted within the last 12 months ( yes you read that right!)In short, our company has an extremely flexible platform in which we can cater to all your funding needs and get all your deals funded regardless of nature! We pay our ISO's 10-15 points depending on the program structure - Default deals we pay 5-6 points - On a regular deal, we pay 10-12 points - A-paper we pay 12-15 points - Renewal we pay 8 points Our payments go out every week we typically payout after the first 10 ACH debits clear. If a deal bounces more than twice within the first 20 days we will consider clawing back commission.

    Thank you
    Aron Hoffman

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    Send it over for an offer
    Alex Gold
    Direct Lender
    (305) 842 - 0473

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