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    60k Trucking 4 Trucks

    Looking for offers ^

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheProphecyofMCA View Post
    Looking for offers ^
    This is in our wheelhouse. Our submission email is below if you'd like us to take a look and to request an ISO agreement.

    Turnaround time is typically under an hour.

    Thank you,

    Michael Candia
    Head Underwriter
    Ramsey Funding
    1 University Plaza
    Hackensack, NJ 07601
    (201) 510-0360

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    Send it over, I can get you an approval here if balances are good.
    eFinancial Tree
    C: 815 260 0284 (Call or Text)

    1% bonus on your first funded deal! (We fund every industry besides Auto Sales)

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    Apr 2022
    New York

    Send it over for an offer
    Alex Gold
    Direct Lender
    (305) 842 - 0473

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    We can take a look at this and potentially give an offer.

    Send us an email

    Underwriting Desk | LiteFund Solutions | New York, NY.
    P: 202-850-9077 E: W:
    We specialize in micro deals ranging from $4k to $25k

    LiteFund is a ClearFund company
    ISO inquires:

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    This sounds perfect for us, send us an email, we can get this done for you today.

    Thank you

    Aron Hoffman

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