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    Credit Repair

    Looking for a credit repair company that takes referral partners and pays well

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    I have talked with several but nobody I'd recommend.
    I did speak with these people and they seemed to be on the level.
    Of course, do your due diligence.
    Steve Benjamin
    Professional Business Loans

    Irvine, CA 92620

    @ 24 hour funding working capital loans
    @ Term loans from 3 years to 10 years at 6% and up
    @ Equipment financing up to 6 years
    @ Property loans - Primary, Investment, commercial, land, fix and flip, construction.
    @ SBA loans - 7A and 504.
    @ Homeowner loan 2nd position- 15 year 8.99% no lien
    @ Private money equity and debt for major investments

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    If you want to make the sale (explain the process and have them fill out the contract), then I can pay you $250 per sale. Plus you will have access to their files so you can monitor their progress.

    I own
    Pay Per Lead service. No long-term contract. No monthly retainer. Pay only for the leads you need. - because retainers are stupid.

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    If you need credit repair, and want someone to do it right - PM Me. I'll give you his name and number. Over 13 years doing it. It's his ONLY business and it's done right. Service is $600 for all 3 bureaus and you can add whatever you want to it (within reason). He can also help with inquiries, tradelines, authorized user accounts, rapid rescoring...

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    I use a guy that specializes in credit repair, doing it for 15 years and has done a great job every single time.
    PM me for contact info.
    Ben Blumenfeld | Head Iso Manager
    Direct Lender
    Acre Advance
    (732) 284-2054

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