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    Providing all with a solution for funding commercial real estate capital projects

    Howdy. If your client is a developer/builder - read this.

    I'm coming across more & more posts with questions about an appropriate "debt lender or funder for my client seeking $xxx for his real estate project"

    Unfortunately there's no such thing as a one stop private debt fund or traditional bank that will finance any existing, transitional, or development CRE project. Each private equity/credit institution has their own set of parameters (i.e asset class, priority of claims, risk aversion, geography, etc)

    Now. I work with a highly experienced team that effectively raises structured capital across the stack agnostic to all asset classes and geography. In other words, if you are in talks with folks seeking financing for their project - whether is be a land acquisition, trying to develop a townhome for rent, refinancing their construction loan to a permanent loan, whatever. Call me/email me (info below). Help me help you. Naturally of course a referral fee exists the % is subject to the level of difficulty in deal placement and arranging capital.
    I'd like to say our floor is $10mm but it all depends on the scope of work. There is no ceiling, we've done $200mm portfolios in the past.

    Here's my direct info:
    My name: Maxim Yanovich
    Group's name: Eyzenberg & Co.
    cell: 305-710-9870

    For perspective, check out our transactions here:

    Available to help where needed. Turned my noti's on for any questions if u wanna comment below and ill get back to you as quickly as I can

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    That's great to have another resource...

    What is your LTV range on horizontal
    LTC range for after final map.
    LTC range for vertical

    Lender fee range
    broker fee range
    How do you differentiate from referral fee and broker fee?
    Steve Benjamin
    Professional Business Loans

    Irvine, CA 92620

    @ 24 hour funding working capital loans
    @ Term loans from 3 years to 10 years at 6% and up
    @ Equipment financing up to 6 years
    @ Property loans - Primary, Investment, commercial, land, fix and flip, construction.
    @ SBA loans - 7A and 504.
    @ Homeowner loan 2nd position- 15 year 8.99% no lien
    @ Private money equity and debt for major investments

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    Hey Steve, thx for replying. I'll do my best to answer all your questions in a single response because you're raising several independent situations.

    For a complete GUC development (both horizontal & vertical), there are several factors that affect the cost of capital. We need to address if the land is already owned, entitled (zoned w/ approved plans), and shovel ready (permits ready to be pulled). Additionally, based on the total estimated budget, how much of the $ soft costs has the sponsor already contributed? Depending on where we are in the timeline, knowing the amount of sponsor's contributed equity, and understanding his recourse/guaranty preferences, can we then address the appropriate level of LTC or what kind of loan we need to structure.

    We can go up to 80% LTC (85% LTC if the sponsor has a strong resume - lots of experience). Leverage can go up to 90% depending on how we structure mezz or pref equity into the deal.
    Land development lenders are typically your "horizontal lenders".

    Broker fee/referral fee same difference. Don't want to give you a hard quote here - again, depends on the difficulty of deal placement and the non commodity nature of the deal, but can be anywhere from 5bps to 15bps of total financing. (The house only charges a full point per transaction). Given our avg. deal size is $30-40mm, rest assured you wont be going hungry for a while.

    Here's my direct info:
    My name: Maxim Yanovich
    Group's name: Eyzenberg & Co.
    cell: 305-710-9870
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    I think the forum requires me to include a signature, still figuring out how to do that. Consider this reply an extension to the above

    Here's my direct info:
    My name: Maxim Yanovich
    Group's name: Eyzenberg & Co.
    cell: 305-710-9870

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    Hi Max

    To add / edit your signature log in, see SETTINGS at the top right of the page next to the Log Out link, then you'll be in SETTINGS. Look at the left column about midway on the page and click EDIT SIGNATURE.
    Mike Lewis - commercial real estate loan broker / owner
    No up front fees loan broker
    Commercial real estate loans: Acquisition, refinance, construction and FAST bridge loans from $200k +

    tel/voicemail: 937-964-5355
    cell/voicemail: 440-637-5646
    corporate email:

    Veteran Owned

    WE CO-BROKER with an even 50/50 split and we both get paid by wire at close.

    We issue a combination mutual NDA / fee split, you introduce your CRE clients to us stating simply we handle your commercial real estate loans, we take it from there and keep you in the loop. When a loan you referred closes, you get paid at close by wire.If you can work with that please do not hesitate to contact us. Our loan forms are vanilla with no company name.

    Michael Lewis Group Commercial real estate loans

    Loan Matrix


    About Us

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    Thanks Mike, looks like we're in the same space. Just added you on LinkedIn brother!
    Maxim Yanovich
    Eyzenberg & Co.
    C: 305-710-9870

    1200 Brickell Ave, unit 640
    Miami, FL.

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    sent you an email

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    referred max a investor who was looking for Preferred equity and he got it taken care of, Clients where more than happy!


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    Lol Dylan right? We ended up doing a senior stretch w/PACE. Thx for the referral nonetheless lol
    Maxim Yanovich
    Eyzenberg & Co.
    C: 305-710-9870

    1200 Brickell Ave, unit 640
    Miami, FL.

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