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    Paz Micro Deals

    Paz Funding Source is excited to announce we are offering micro deals with no minimum truck requirement and fast commissions with a 4 point bonus to ISOs who fund $100,000 in a month.

    Yoni Magady
    Managing Director | ISO Department
    (323) 686-9623
    Paz Funding Source
    850 S. Robertson Blvd.

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    We work with a few clients that only market to truckers. Our lead generation platform may be exactly what you need to scale your business.

    My name is Steve, my company is BizConnect and I’ll keep this quick.

    We are running scalable Lead Generation platforms for some of your competitors that are performing VERY well.

    I can explain the process in 10 minutes or less and have leads flowing to you and your team within a few days if you like it.

    It works for all financial service businesses including Merchant Cash Advance, Invoice Factoring, Equipment Financing, Hard Money Lending, Residential Mortgage and more…. Basically, for any business that needs Exclusive, Real Time Leads, Clients, Customers, Patients, etc.

    If you could find some time this week or next, let’s meet and talk for a few minutes to see if it fits your business – I think you’ll love what we do….
    Here is a link to my Calendar, let me know when you are available:


    Steve Rosenblum
    Senior Vice President of Sales

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