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    Who can fund using ITIN# instead of social?

    solid merchant 50-60k a month
    no positions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sachip24 View Post
    solid merchant 50-60k a month
    no positions
    We can, feel free to reach out
    East Shore Equities, LLC
    Tel: 516-231-5595 | Fax: 516-231-5590

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    We can do this on Capitalize
    send us the deal to
    Capitalize Group | New York, NY. | Direct Funder | (347) 519-2822 |

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    We can do this on credit card split as long as the owner owns a US residence or the business property.
    Jason Hausle l Sales & Business Development
    Quikstone Capital Solutions l Tampa FL
    Direct Line 813-371-8233 Text Message 727-492-8812 Fax 813-371-8233

    Direct Lender Since 2005

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    Cooper will fund on an ITIN-

    Robert S Bloink
    EVP of ISO Partnerships
    Direct: 248-341-9477

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    We would love to take a look at your file and give an offer
    Send your file to

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    CFG & McKenzie will look at these as well.

    "Everyday is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we've got 24 hours each. --Christopher Rice"

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    Thanks for the mention! LCF regularly funds merchants with ITIN's

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