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    High Revenue, Negative days

    Who funds this? Merchat makes $93k+ monthly
    Lashelle Cobham | Team Lead
    Tampa FL, 33624
    Cell: 813.599.7048
    Visit us:

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    What industry? I've gotten 40+ NSFs in a month funded
    Micah Markowitz | | 314-396-2828 |

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    We can consider it on credit card split. We do well with negative banks as long as the credit card processing is solid.
    Jason Hausle l Sales & Business Development
    Quikstone Capital Solutions l Tampa FL
    Direct Line 813-371-8233 Text Message 727-492-8812 Fax 813-371-8233

    Direct Lender Since 2005

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    93K rev monthly with negative days isn't high but we'd take a look.

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    Sounds like this is a prefect fit for hybrid
    Email us today

    5k minimum funding -NO MAX $$$
    - 15-20 minute response time
    - 2nd - 5th position
    - Terms up to 120 days (weekly's upon approval)
    - 1.39 buy rates
    - Max Upsell to 15 points!
    - 35k a month average revenue
    - Minimum of 5 deposits per month
    - Commission paid after 3rd debit clears! (4 days)
    - Minimal stips (DL & VC)
    - Early Payoff Discounts
    - Docusign Contracts

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    If this wasn't funded yet send it our way.

    Capitalize Group | New York, NY. | Direct Funder | (347) 519-2822 |

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    Key Capital Group!! We Can Fund Accounts with Negative days

    We are a High-Risk Direct Lender. We have adopted measures to structure deals in a way that our ISO's can have quicker renewals & mitigate default risk. We work efficiently & try to give you offers as fast as possible. We are currently Funding Merchants that most Lenders consider to be Declines or Defaults. We are also flexible with our offers as we try to give our Partners all the tools they need to succeed. Please feel free to call me. I would love to chat.

    We specialize in:
    -High Risk
    -1ST to 10th position
    -Defaults & Declines
    -Reverses Consolidation

    Minimum Monthly Revenue For 2nd position & On:
    - $25,000
    Minimum Monthly Revenue For 1st Position:
    - $50,000 For 1st time taking an MCA Advance
    - $35,000 For a Merchant that has had an MCA Advance in the past

    Our Product:
    5k to 6.5 Million
    Term UP TO 95 DAYS
    Weekly payments available
    Early Payoff Discounts
    Early Renewals
    Instant DocuSign Contracts
    Light Stips -DL, VC

    Gill Navarro
    Director Of ISO Relations
    Direct :1(862)-303-3225

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