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    Collateralized Loan for a Venezuelan Bitcoin Mining Operation - Startup.

    Hello, Daily Funder,

    My client is looking for a start up loan. Itís to purchase bitcoin mining equipment. So itís collateralized. Power is less than $0.01 cent in Venezuelan. He is buying cheap old mining hardware, then fixing them up to consume less power. So it sounds promising.

    If you guys have a high risk direct lender who can purchase the equipment then lease it back to him until his debt is repaid. Please shoot me a PM



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    bro id stay away from anything involving Venezuela. one day he's running a great and profitable operation the next the government decides to seize everything for the "good of the people". good business and dictatorships do not go hand and hand.

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    If you find someone willing to fund him let me know, I have a bridge they can buy too.

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    Bump, he is moving it to the United States. At 3.5 cents per kilo watt, it still looks promising.
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    If it's domestic, someone did reach out to me a few weeks about wanting to invest/lend on these projects if it's promising. If you're interested in me finding out more, send me an email.
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