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    Lender(s) needed immediately

    I have deals that need to be funded. These deals will mostly be equipment loans, business loans, personal loans and lines of credit. No MCAs.

    I am looking for a lender who can handle these types of deals and get back with me when he says he will.

    We are able to submit multiple deals a week. We have 10+ deals ready to go this week.

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    Hey Hardrock, I messaged you but just saw this post as well. Give me a call. I can go over what I offer and discuss the communications and expectations of the relationship. My contact information is below. Thank you. Look forward to hearing back from you.

    Brandon Dressler

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    There are two types of borrowers, right? Those who take MCAs and those who haven't taken an MCA yet.

    There are no one-size-fits-all lenders who do everything you mentioned. There's a reason why us super-brokers exist. I am working 2 equipment loans, a collateralized loan with a hard asset, a hard money loan, a default MCA, a $10mm real estate recycling plant, credit card processing, 0 APR business credit cards, financing for a trailer park, a 30-year amortization loan on a small property in IN that will turn into a larger LOC.

    Send me an email. When it comes to personal loans, banks and credit unions are you best bet, and credit cards are also banks. You need a processing team who can take over the file and pay you directly when it's funded so that you can focus on other things. I want to introduce you to a group who does this.
    Micah Markowitz | | 314-396-2828 |

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    We are a direct funder for equipment financing. Happy to chat about our programs and get you onboarded with us.

    Give me a call!
    Joshua Parrish | SLIM Capital
    (415) 938-4977 |

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    Hi we do funding deals over a 5 year loan up to $200,000. Must be in business 2 years have an office not a home based or seasonal business. Owner score 680 D&B moderate low 60 Paydex minimum revenue $12,000 per month $144,000 per year. Can use the proceeds for anything you want and do not have to pay off MCA loans. If you need more info please let me know.
    Charlie 917-836-7400 leave a message Ill get back in under 5 min.

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    I think that I would be able to help!

    Feel free to send me an email at or call my direct line!

    Kate Blaine
    ISO Relations
    __________________________________________________ ________

    8950 West Olympic Blvd. Suite 695
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    Direct: (424) 437-4372
    Office: (424) 255-6248

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    Velocity Capital Group is looking to sign up new ISOs!

    -We fund 1-4th positions but are very aggressive with our 2nd-4th position files.

    -We also offer reverse consolidations if you have merchants that are in need.

    -We pay 12-15 points per deal and are offering a bonus right now where you can get an extra point on every deal over 50k!!

    Lets get you on boarded today. Give me a shout.


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    Send me an email if you would still like to get some deals done, same day offer and fund.

    We do 2nd Position Paper b-f - Reverses With Unlimited Positions - Defaults - practically any deal you have
    Minimum 10K Monthly - 500 fico - 2 deposits

    we also perfer to throw weekly offers before dailys

    please send me an email to onboard
    and cc

    My directory: 754-304-1757

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    pm me
    Frank Jacobs,
    Fund Manager
    | Office | (929) 376-8912
    | Fax | (888) 894-3518 or (212) 706-0117
    | Email |
    8 West 36th Street, Floor7 | New York, NY 10018

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    New York, NY

    feel free to reach out: we would be honored to start a relationship!
    United Fund USA
    (866) 355-3365
    we look forward to working with you! 12 points commissions

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